#053 Selling Scripts (5:18)

Your employees are the front line when it comes to making the sell at your location and this includes when they are behind the counter. Check out how simple selling scripts can build employee confidence…

#054 Employee Appreciation (5:51)

Let’s face it, your employees make or break your company. That’s why you need to let them know you appreciate what they do. Check out these tips to help you get started!

#055 Employee Cross Training (6:37)

Can employee Jim do what employee Sara does? Can Sara do what Jim does? Basically, are your employees fully cross trained? Find out why this simple tactic, while it might cost some upfront time, can…

#056 Lenten Season (6:03)

With Lent right around the corner, are you prepared for the rush? Get some quick tips from Josh, Beth and Anthony that you can implement during this season to increase your revenue.

#057 Radio Frequency (7:31)

Radio advertising can seem confusing. Are you doing too much? Too little? Is it even working? Join QSR Nation as they discuss radio advertising frequency and how you can get the biggest bang for your…

#058 Measuring Success (5:52)

So how are you measuring the success of your marketing campaigns? Are you measuring the success of your campaigns? Listen to the crew as they discuss the need for clearly defined measurements of success.