#141 Carrie Luxem (43:58)

As 2019 wraps up, the QSR Nation team welcomes back CEO of the Restuarant HR Group, Carrie Luxem, to discuss the hiring trends going into 2020 and how you can create a great staff to…

#143 Grab N Go (14:07)

Join the QSR Nation team as they discuss how Grab N Go food options at your location can help you grow your revenue in 2020! Check out the PFSbrands option here: pfsbrands.com/grab-go-program/

#146 Chris Ronzio with Trainual (26:52)

The QSR Nation team talks training and scaling up with Chris Ronzio, the Founder of Trainual. Learn about the program and how your business’ ability to streamline training across the board can not only put…

#147 COVID 19 (14:29)

Listen in as the QSR Nation team addresses the #covid19 #coronavirus and tips to help your manage your business during these trying times.

#148 QSR Nation Alex Merturi (34:16)

Join the QSR Nation team as they discuss training and engaging with your employees. We dig deep into the best tips for communicating with your employees during the covid-19 pandemic.

#149 Carrie Luxem COVID 19 (45:24)

QSR Nation invited Carrie Luxem back to the show to discuss the new plans and actions taken for Small Businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. Give it a listen, we promise you will have some awesome…

#150 Staying Productive (19:01)

Join the QSR Nation team as they discuss how they are staying productive while working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak and some great tips for businesses during these trying times.