#091 Jim Creel – Taco John’s (16:22)

In this episode of QSR Nation the team is stoked to welcome the CEO of Taco John’s, Jim Creel, to the podcast. Join in as they discuss franchise tips, marketing and tips for entrepreneurs out…

#092 Finish Strong (5:36)

On this week’s QSR Nation, the team discusses how you can still finish strong this year if you currently don’t have a marketing strategy in place! Is it time for a Q4 Hail Mary?

#093 Signage 2.0 (7:51)

This week the crew revisits one of the topics they covered in the earlier days of QSR Nation – signage. Check out some crucial tips to make sure your signage looks great and is effective!

#094 Ad Content (7:33)

In this episode of QSR Nation, the crew discusses the ins and outs of your ad content. From spacing to CTA to flow, get some great tips on how you can instantly improve your ad…

#095 Value Proposition (12:07)

The QSR Nation crew is back with one of Tony’s favorite topics – value proposition! Find out why value proposition matters to not only your customers but also for potential franchisees.

#096 Ask For The Business (5:28)

Want one simple way to improve the customer experience, increase employee engagement and potentially improve your sales? It can be as simple as asking for the business. Listen in as the QSR Nation crew discusses.

#097 Cross Promoting (6:11)

Need to improve your sales this holiday season? Want to start selling your slow moving items? Listen in as the QSR Nation crew discusses how cross merchandising and promoting can help you do just that.

#098 Managing People – Alex Merturi P1 (20:39)

Subway franchisee and keynote speaker, Alex Merturi, joins the QSR Nation crew to discuss some great tips for hiring and retaining great employees. These are some can’t miss, actionable tips. Learn more about Alex at…

#100 Digital Marketing – Jack Roldan (21:35)

Join the QSR Nation crew as they welcome CEO and founder of See Deep Consulting LLC, Jack Roldan, to the podcast. Listen to their discussion about local marketing, putting the digital customer experience first and…